That page is a bit outdated, well, or better, incomplete. You don't get complaints when somthing works, so you can basically assume that your platform works nowadays, if it should theoretically do so. If not: Bug us;-)

We changed code all over the place for 1.x series, most impact on portability lying in the reworked output code. Now, mpg123 runs on a large number of platforms and supports a wide range of audio output APIs. As a result there a quite a few combinations of platforms and APIs to test. We have compiled a list of systems and those responsible for testing them. If you would like help with testing please get in contact.

PlatformDefault OutputTesterComments
linuxalsa/esd/...Thomas OrgisWorks: alsa, oss, jack, sdl, portaudio (v18 or 19), arts...
linux-alphaalsaThomas OrgisBuild is no prob. Sound check is difficult atm, but no surprise in sight there when it compiles (OSS, etc., like on other Linux systems)
linux-ppcalsaNicholas J Humfrey
macosxcoreaudioNicholas J HumfreyWorks by user report, buffer is also OK when using output module. But native output shares an issue with win32 output: Last bits swallowed.
freebsdossMartin SchütteShould work now out of the box. And yes, Martin tested it.
solaris / sunos / opensolarissunvariousYeah, works for Thomas on the Sun Ray (Solaris 10 x86-64, SPARC), also reported by Apostolos to work fine on OpenSolaris x86-64.
decoss?Thomas OrgisMay test that once I got a Tru64 install again.
os2os2Thomas OrgisTellie seems to be happy on OS/2...
win32win32Thomas OrgisWorks, we even provide binaries for x86 and x86-64. MinGW builds and also project files for MSVC++.

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